you are essential in making BCM what it is; a place of close Christian community and discipleship.

Aside from attending Tuesday nights or Community Groups, there are many ways to get involved with BCM. Here is a brief rundown on some ways you can serve. Fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. 

1. Tuesday night Set Up/Production/Tear Down Crews

Every Tuesday night, we set up BCM on the stage in Mitscher Auditorium. This includes setting up chairs and sound equipment, preparing the atmosphere with media, welcome cards, coffee and refreshments, and other tasks that help make BCM a welcoming and worshipping space. 

2. Connections

The heart of BCM is connecting people together to encourage one another toward Jesus. People become a part of BCM because of they were greeted by someone who sincerely cared enough to talk to them. If you love people and want to see them loved, then this is the ministry for you.

3. The BCM House and Events

Getting the House ready for our events is a big task. Spend some time on the weekends making the house as hospitable as possible. Let us know if you want to help cook or help plan the next event. 

4. Starting a Family Group, Community Group or Bible Study

Want to start a group? We have resources and can help you get something started. 

5. Prayer Team

At BCM, we believe that prayer really matters no matter how big or small the request.  Our God loves us and loves for us to come to Him.  Every Wednesday morning the Prayer Team meets and goes through the prayer requests from the previous BCM. 

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