Navy BCM Alumni's mission is to continue to make disciples who make disciples who change the world for the Glory of God.

Carrying out Jesus' commission to make disciples of all the nations takes on new meaning as we become officers and go to the far reaches of the world with the Fleet. As we continue to live obediently and love sacrificially, we will be able to lead the people that we encounter to Jesus. 


What we do

Whether you are stationed in Norfolk, San Diego, overseas, or somewhere in-between, the alumni network wishes to:


Alumni will be able to connect with one another to reminisce on the good 'ol days by the Bay. We will also be able to connect you with local churches to serve in and get involved with. 

2. Disciple

Alumni continue to make disciples and we will encourage each other to do so. Not only that, we will be able to mentor one another not only in our spiritual walks, but in our Navy/Marine Corps careers as well.

3. Fellowship

We hope that Navy BCM alumni will continue to meet together and continue to foster the community that was developed at the Academy. 


*Disclaimer: The Navy BCM Alumni Network is not directly affiliated with nor under the direction of the U.S. Naval Academy Association or United States Naval Academy*