Since 1969: the USNA baptist collegiate ministry has maintained one ambition:

to worship God and enjoy him forever

The best way to worship God is to take Jesus' commission seriously to make disciples who make disciples and change the world for His glory.

What does it mean to be a "disciple?" In John 8, Jesus teaches that disciples are marked by living obediently. Then, in John 13, He teaches that disciples are recognized by their acts of loving sacrificially. And finally, in Matthew 28, Jesus tells us that His disciples are proven true when they glorify God by leading others to Jesus. We talk often of living, loving and leading toward Jesus. 


What WE DO

1. Worship Together

On Tuesday nights at 1900 in Mitscher Auditorium, we gather for are our once-a-week large group meeting to inspire and challenge each other to experience and explore God. We teach through the Bible, believing that God has communicated all we need to know for life and godliness in the Scriptures. 

2. Gather in Communities

Community Groups meet by Class. They are our smaller group gatherings that happen during the week, generally on Thursday or Friday nights. It's more than a Bible study. Community Groups provide a place and time to connect with your classmates in a meaningful way, centered around the Word of God. 

3. Meet with our Families

Family Groups are our smallest gatherings. They consist of a handful of people assembling regularly to encourage each other in a more intimate gathering. It's in this setting that we can ask, “How are you really doing?” Family Groups are for accountability and spurring each other forward to create a supportive environment of discipleship. 

4. Other awesome stuff!

Retreats, BBQs, bonfires, and other random awesomeness make life a lot better. Its even better with great people who love you. Come out to a Tuesday night Bible study and you will find out about all the other fun going on. 



Following Jesus is better in community. 

Pray big and small.

Know the Word, Obey the Word. 

Don’t wait for permission! Do whatever it takes to get the mission done.


Truths we believe

At BCM, we have three truth statements that form our core beliefs and defines why we do what we do and love what we love:

First, God is Beautiful. He is the Creator of all things supremely and infinitely beautiful. Our Heavenly Father made a world in which man would live, worship, and serve as His image-bearer. In this, we are uniquely created to reflect the beauty of the divine. Sadly, we betrayed God and chose to worship idols made in our own image. Yet, it is the eternal beauty of Jesus Christ that has the power to destroy our fascination with our idols, and turn our hearts to joyfully worship the One who created us.

Second, Man is Broken. When we betrayed God in the garden of Eden by choosing to worship our beauty instead of His, we became fatally flawed and severely broken. This brokenness hasn’t completely removed our original image-bearing beauty. But, it shattered our mirror of His divine reflection in us, creating a separation between man and God. Thankfully, God has offered us redemption, providing Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, to bear our brokenness and restore our beauty. Now, we follow Jesus and join Him in redeeming the world from sin’s brokenness.

Finally, we are a Brotherhood of Saints. We are an outpost of light in a dark world. Militant, yet peaceful, the Church is actively committed to living out the Great Commandment and achieving the Great Commission, through wisdom and grace. The church is not safe, the church is not tame, the church is not a place or a thing. The church is the people, and having been adopted by a loving Father, we have become brothers and sisters. Thus, we love, we serve, we fight, we challenge, we grow, we pray, and we worship, as a family.

To learn more about the theological beliefs of the BCM staff check out: the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, The Chicago Statement on Inerrancy, and The Danvers Statement


Getting Involved

Check us out for a few weeks. You will see how God has been organically uniting hearts and developing sincere Christian love at BCM. Hope to see you on Tuesday! Find out more here.